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The moll idea: functional furniture that adapts perfectly to your needs.

As an experienced manufacturer of functional furniture, we develop and manufacture high-quality desks and swivel chairs on the Swabian Alb in Gruibingen. Furniture that is designed down to the finest detail to meet the needs of freshmen, teenagers, students or adults who enjoy doing organizational or professional work at home. Our mission: To create precisely coordinated study and work furniture for perfectly fitting islands of well-being at home, which meet changing needs and ergonomic requirements for many years. Discover your own sustainable moll combination: Welcome to moll.



Mobile containers


Functional furniture for the perfect space to study or work


In 1974, moll invented the world’s first height-adjustable children’s desk. This moment marked the beginning of a trend-setting idea: furniture which grows. As young people grow up, ergonomics, needs and preferences change. Perfect, when the furniture can be adapted accordingly. Not only in height. But also in depth, width, function, color, and configuration. We have consistently pursued this idea. The result: high-quality children’s desks and swivel chairs with the potential to grow with the child from kindergarten to graduation and beyond. In addition, the design-oriented furniture line ‘unique’, which sets worldwide standards in form and function.

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