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Just a few steps to your goal – Select your desired desk

What is the right size of my desk?

How do I set the height of the desk correctly?

What are the tilting options for the desktop?

What decor colors are available?

What extensions can be built to the desk?

What are the design lines?

What matching chairs are available in the program?

What is the perfect lamp for the desk?

Finding a desk for the offspring is not easy. But besides the appearance, there are very many other points to consider. Especially the aspect of ergonomics should always be kept in mind for adolescents, because back problems can already arise at a young age.  In addition to the inclination of the table top, the height adjustability of the table is very important. After all, healthy learning is only guaranteed if the desk grows along at the right pace. In addition, the desk should be usable for a long time and last from the preschooler at 6 years old to the full-grown teenager. After all, children’s desks are exposed to high stresses. When romping around, the chair bumps against the table leg or the scissors scratch the tabletop while doing handicrafts.

It’s a good thing that moll desks meet these and many other requirements. For example, you can vary many color elements with moll products, which are already included in the scope of delivery right from the start. moll products can also be individually expanded afterwards. This guarantees maximum flexibility.

To help you choose the best workstation for your child, you will find a product advisor here that will help you get an overview of the functions and detailed features of moll products.

Everything about ergonomics – background knowledge and facts

The moll Stories deal with the topic of ergonomics and the philosophy of moll. Here you will find expert opinions and product information as well as help on how to operate the products correctly and how to adjust them for ergonomic use.

Sophisticated and high-quality children’s desks have their price due to high development costs and domestic production. But they are of high quality and ensure the design of an ergonomic workplace. Therefore, the investment pays off several times in the quality and health of your child.

moll is considered the inventor of the height-adjustable desk and is a leading developer. With moll products you can be sure of one thing: With all products, moll pays attention to both child-friendly usability and sustainable and environmentally friendly production. This is confirmed by certificates from neutral testing institutes such as the GS test mark, which stands for technical safety and guarantees the functionality of moll products. All moll tables have rounded table edges to minimize the risk of injury. Since children’s health is an invaluable asset, moll uses PVC-free plastic and seals all surfaces and edges of the furniture to keep the fomaldehyde value far below the legal standards. All moll products also bear the Blue Angel seal. This stands for environmentally friendly furniture that is harmless to health. Since it is very difficult to determine the harmlessness of textiles, especially in this day and age, moll has had all of its fabrics certified with the ÖKO TEX 100 seal.

moll products are developed in Germany and manufactured according to high quality and safety standards. In addition, all moll products come with a 5-year quality guarantee.

You can always be sure of the quality of moll products – guaranteed even.

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