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As an owner-managed furniture manufacturer with over 95 years of experience in the design of workstations and chairs, we know what is really important when it comes to a desk and a chair: It is important that you no longer feel either one. Simply because they adapt precisely to personal ergonomics and working methods. If this is achieved, desk and chair will form a unity. As perfect islands of thought. No matter whether you do homework on them or graduate from school.

moll Joker

Parents play a very special game of trump cards with the moll Joker: On one hand, it impresses with its reduction to small but fine details that do not allow any compromises in terms of design, quality and function.

moll Winner

Let’s make it short: Whoever is called a winner must also be one. That is why we gave the moll Winner many small details and big ideas. Available in 3 designs, 2 desk sizes and 2 different height adjustments. The bottom line is that your child has everything it needs.

moll Champion

As the inventor of height-adjustable children’s desks, we take the liberty of building a desk that is unique for children: the Champion. It combines great design, a wealth of ideas, ergonomic features and outstanding safety.

moll Maximo

First of all: the Maximo is the most selling moll swivel chair for children. That says almost everything. However, he is full of ideas worth telling, which quickly explain his success. A significant advantage: separate adjustment of seat height, seat depth and backrest height

moll Scooter

Typically moll: a chair that perfectly grows with its user and sets ergonomic standards. Typical teenager: Completely new design accents can be set in the youth and children’s room with the Scooter. Cool enough to survive in the teenage room.

moll Mobilight

A piece of moll history: With a revised design and an integrated LED illuminant, we give our moll classic a new look. The desk light for left- and right-handed users thus saves even more energy.

moll Flexlight

If you look closely, you will see that the Flexlight is filigree, extremely flexible and makes children’s eyes shine even when it is switched off. But the Flexlight can do much more: In pleasant warm white, integrated LEDs optimally illuminate the field of vision on the child’s desk.

moll Tower 56

One piece of furniture, infinite possibilities. Who said that storage furniture is simple and boring? We say that storage furniture is universal, versatile and up to date. The Tower 56 adapts to living environments but also to its users.

moll Pro

The mobile Container Pro suits the desk moll Winner and moll Joker. Equipped with a lockable compartment for personal items and two drawers, the Pro offers plenty of space and creates order. Available in three designs.

moll Cubic

The moll Cubic with three drawers and secret compartment. Equipped with a lockable compartment for personal items and two drawers, the Cubic offers plenty of space and creates order. The optional seat pad turns the Cubic into a mobile stool.

moll Cubicmax

Maximum storage space at the study place: the moll Cubicmax has four drawers with self-closing mechanism and a shelf top, offering space for everything needed for learning. Thus tidiness is guaranteed.

prime: multi-functional premium from the very beginning.

A lot is changing while growing up: The style. The space required. The way of working. However, this does not disrupt our philosophy. We develop ergonomic, timeless and durable study furniture. Our idea is, that our furniture can always be adapted to changing needs, due to its countless additions. Only if the desk, the chair and the light can be adapted perfectly to the user’s body, working method and space, the learning place becomes a favorite place from pre school to high school.

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