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Those who are travelling through the world of fantasy are on the move for a long time. A backache during that journey would simply be disturbing. Children’s furniture that doesn’t fit is only limiting the possibilities. It has to be adjustable and flexible. The moll easy range offers sufficient space for movement and variability of adjustment while traveling or learning. It is an ensemble of desk and chair on which adventurers, princesses or dreamers can rely. Manufactured in carpenter quality by the exclusive Swabian furniture manufacturer moll.

moll Sprinter

Its versatility makes the Sprinter CP a real all-rounder. The optional Side Top creates the perfect desk with a split desktop. Whether as 90cm compact version or the standard width of 120cm.

moll Bandit

In addition to its appearance, functionality, price and ergonomics are important elements of a desk. The children’s desk moll Bandit perfectly combines the requirements of a children’s desk.

moll Lucky

Smooth, clear lines and a focus on minimalism and functionality make the Lucky a design icon in the children’s room. Its modern design fits into every children’s room. Available in three colors: red, blue and grey.

moll Mobilight

Designed for night-time study sessions: Economical LED light with ingenious swivel joints, 90° reflector and patented clamping base. The highlight: interchangeable color elements.

easy: Learning at your desk can be so simple and sophisticated.

easy is as simple as it reads. No bells and whistles. Only relevant functions for concentrated learning and working. The collection includes the height-adjustable children’s desks ‘Bandit’ and ‘Sprinter’. The distinction: the desk edges. Bandit has rounded corners while Sprinter has rectangular ones. The trio becomes complete with the ‘Lucky’ swivel chair in three different colors. The icing on the cake: the Mobilight

As with all moll collections, universal additions complete the product range – for the greatest possible individual furnishing options.

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