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moll Mobilight plus

$ 413.00

The moll Mobilight is the classic from the house of moll. Long proven and still relevant today. The energy-saving lamp can be moved back and forth at any time, thanks to the rollers in the clamp base.

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Very obvious: having good light relieves strain on the eyes while learning

When daylight decreases, eye strain increases and concentration drops. With its smart joints and 90° reflector, the Mobilight LED light ensures that no body shadow appears on the desk.

Right or left? The Mobilight adjusts to all

The Mobilight is suitable for both right- and left-handed users. How it works? The luminaire head can be easily mounted on the left or right side.

The High-Light at the desk: the clamping foot

The patented clamping base with integrated rollers allows the luminaire to be moved without effort. Despite the tilted desktop, the light thus remains unchanged and perfectly illuminates the work surface.

Two is better than one: sustainable and economical

The matching LED is a real energy saver and provides sufficiently bright light. The illuminant can be replaced at any time by easy assembly.

the lighting design classic

the Mobilight at a glance

Luminaire head

Luminaire head

  • LED light
  • Mountable on the right and left
clamp foot

clamp foot

  • Adjustable from 13-40mm panel thickness


  • 2-year warranty of quality
  • 5-year guaranteed availability
  • Made in Germany
  • easy assembling
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