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moll Champion

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moll Champion children desk

A children’s desk is not just a piece of children’s furniture. It’s where homework is done or studying for the next exam. Stress, joy, exhaustion and success. Everyday school life can put children in a wide range of emotions. As you can see, such a place should definitely be a place of well-being. The moll Champion can bring this feel-good factor. The Champion sets new standards in children’s and teenagers’ rooms and clearly shows that form and function can be very well combined. No other children’s desk combines design, ergonomics and safety like the Champion.

A closer look reveals that even small children can easily adjust the height of the desk using the integrated yoyo. Additional safety is provided by the rounded corners of the desk or the self-releasing inclined position. And in terms of design, it is groundbreaking not only because of its high-quality aluminum profiles: in 2012, the Champion received the international Red Dot Design Award. In 2018, the German Design Award. And for maximum versatility: the Champion Compact Express is also available as a sit-stand workstation with quick height adjustment.

Children grow quickly. It is therefore clear that a children’s desk for ergonomic sitting should fit the body as if tailor-made. Thanks to the yoyo, the moll Champion desk can be easily adjusted to the ergonomically correct height with the Comfort height adjustment. Thus, it can be adjusted in height from 53 cm to 82 cm. This makes the moll desk suitable for children from 120 cm to 200 cm. Whether as a desk for right-handers or left-handers, the Champion adapts to every child thanks to its split tabletop. The eight accent colors, which are supplied free of charge, also offer the possibility to redesign the moll desk in many variants and give the high-quality children’s desk a personal touch. But also the colored side parts of the champion can be purchased individually and exchanged. The table sides are available in 12 variants.  So the moll Champion can shine additionally with matching highlights. And if the desk needs to grow in width, the Side Top can help. It extends the table leaf to the left or right. The Flex Deck can be used to extend the depth. The Cubic mobile pedestal is available to match the moll Champion. The Cubicmax is available for even more storage space.

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