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Whether it’s a chic city loft, a cottage in the countryside or a terraced house in the suburbs: how and where we live influences the character of our interior. In order to offer maximum flexibility, variance and individuality, moll has developed the Winner, which sets no limits to individual design and customization. The height-adjustable children’s desks moll Winner and moll Winner Compact form the most comprehensive desk system from moll with up to 2160 possible design options via decors, storage space options, extensions and accessories. Depending on the space requirements, age and size of the child, the Winner can also be easily adapted at a later date to meet growing demands for ergonomics and high-quality design. With the selection of the width of the basic work surface between the moll Winner (120 cm) and the moll Winner Compact (90 cm), by no means all design options are exhausted. Via the Multi Deck, Side Top and Flex Deck extensions, the moll Winner can accommodate any working method, even after the fact. The popular Giant Drawer offers additional storage space and is available as an option. The Pro and Profi containers match the Winner in their appearance and design options and fit perfectly into the overall picture.

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