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moll children desks

Children desks from moll

At the latest when the child starts school, the place to do homework and a child’s desk is needed. As if it were a matter of course, we pay attention to the right size, function and quality of clothes, shoes and toys when children are growing up. Unfortunately, when it comes to designing an ergonomic workstation that will be used over a long period of time, we pay far too little attention to good posture and ergonomic children’s furniture. This is despite the fact that even schoolchildren spend a lot of time sitting. Often children do their homework at the dining room table, which can cause poor posture because the legs are in the air or the back is not straight because the tabletop cannot be tilted. This can lead to significant back problems or headaches.

That’s why children need ergonomic and back-healthy furniture that is tailor-made to fit the proportions of the body – at every stage of development. Depending on the growth spurt, the child’s desk needs to be adjusted by a few centimeters 1 to 2 times a year. It is important that children’s desks are height-adjustable and that the tabletop can be tilted for upright and ergonomic sitting. The high-quality and ergonomic children’s furniture from moll gives every child and young person the freedom to develop their own learning styles in a playful way and to adapt them to their current tastes. The interchangeable color elements supplied right from the start, as well as additional attachments, offer room for personal preferences and individual learning spaces. The selectable decors in white, oak or maple offer additional variety.This is what the moll brand has stood for over 90 years. Children grow, moll grows with them. Since 1925.

Recommended are children’s and youth desks, which are height-adjustable but also tiltable. moll has been offering ergonomic and child-safe desks for children and teenagers since 1974 and is therefore considered the inventor of children’s desks. The elegant children’s desk Winner is available with the Classic or Comfort base frame and in a width of 120 cm or as a Compact version with a width of 90 cm. The choice of frame determines the type of height adjustment and is available in gray or white, depending on the desk. Thus, the children’s desk grows in height and can be adjusted directly to the height of all children. In addition to the Classic height adjustment, the Comfort height adjustment is also available for each desk. The height of the desk can thus be adjusted from 53 cm – 82 cm. Thus, the desk for children is height adjustable from 120 cm to 190 cm. The inclination of the tabletop of each student desk can be adjusted up to about 20 degrees, depending on the desk. Optionally, all desks can be equipped with a drawer. The Champion children’s desk in white is available with a continuous or split tabletop. The split tabletop allows the children’s desk to be angled and still have a flat table surface to place pencil cases. A tilting and adjustable desk top prevents posture problems and allows for an upright and ergonomic sitting posture. The youth desk is available in white, maple and oak. The feet are made of metal. Depending on the desk, the sides can be lacquered. No longer in the program is the decor beech and pine. Through high-quality material and massive development work, moll sets new standards for the student desk and the children’s room. From a purchase value of 75 €, shipping is free. Here every child will find his desk and chair.

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